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The Board of Trustees for Sierra Electric Cooperative have been elected to provide reliable, safe and affordable electricity to our Members, now and into the future. Sierra County has a weak economy, a shrinking population and a poor outlook for employment opportunities.

Community leaders and citizens who want jobs and opportunity have been hopeful that the Copper Flat Mine Project might open and bring us good paying, full time jobs. This is what is needed to sustain our county, and indeed, possibly turn things around and start growing and improving our lives.

With a shrinking population, and ever increasing cost of infrastructure, the only way to maintain a reliable power supply will be to increase the cost of electricity. The mine would provide funds to improve infrastructure to carry our Cooperative into the future.

I personally attended much of the Hearing where New Mexico Copper Corporation provided extensive detail of their proposed mine operation, and detailed how the mine systems will be protective of all aspects of the environment. They employed professional engineers and scientists with understanding for the design and operation of such systems.

The opponents of the mine do not need or want jobs or economic sustainability, and choose to keep it from those that do. They maintain that the company did not do enough to “prove” that they will be good stewards of the environment. But then, they would never admit “enough”, would they?

John Bokich

President, Sierra Electric Cooperative

Sierra County, New Mexico