Dear Sir,

Our law enforcement officers are being so maligned by certain groups now days that I would like to tell a different story about how they help the public. On August 25th, I was in route from Albuquerque to our home southwest of Datil. The sun had dropped behind the mountains and I had turned my lights on as the law requires us to do.

However, just outside of Magdalena, a patrolman pulled me over.

He told me my lights were not on! I was surprised and told him that they should be. He checked it out and told me that I had no low beam. I did have high beams. He asked me how far I had to go and, when I told him, he instructed me how to use my high beams plus hazard lights to drive safely home.

I unfortunately do not remember what his name was but I do want to say he was very nice and helpful. I believe he was out of Marshall Cearley’s office in Magdalena. I couldn’t have asked for a more polite policeman than he was. I made an appointment and took my car in to be repaired on August 30th.

They told me I had a short in the low beams and fixed them for me. Whoever this law enforcement officer was, I want to say thank you!


(Mrs.) Ann Boulden

Datil, NM 87821