Dear Mr. Turner,

First I would like to thank you for contacting Mr. Jichlinski in your Defensor Chieftain interview in the October 13, 2016 issue. He seems to answer for the Italian owned corporation, The Agustin Plains Ranch, LLC. , ( APR , LLC ) who own 30 sections about 5 miles East of Datil. Their proposed project to pump 48 million gallons per day threatens to dry up wells for miles around. My wife and I own a section completely surrounded by this corporation. In 2009, they drilled several test wells , one of which was at our southeast corner. The well went down 1,510 ft. and they pumped 2,000 gallons per minute for nine days. The water table dropped 87 ft.. That’s about a half a foot an hour. At this rate, our well , and those around us would certainly be impaired. Then what ? Would the APC, LLC dig a water line to us and every rancher and retiree over the vast area of the Agustin Plains? Or would they send a water truck ? would we have to wait for the water truck before we could wash our dishes or take a shower or flush our toilets ? This project to sell huge amounts of Catron County’s water will not only affect us old – timers but generations to come who will be denied a future in this County. The hydrologic data is several decades old and the availability and continued exploitation of the aquafer has to be in question. The average age of the water is over 12,000 years old so the recharge rate from rain and snow is very slow. I would urge the public and public officials to oppose this foreign corporation to bully the citizens of Catron County.

Warm regards,

James Hall, M.D. and Linn Kennedy

Datil, NM