The first time I did the triathlon it was not a good experience. The swimming portion was fine, but the biking part was where it went downhill. My bike was too small for me and that made it hard to pedal, and to make matters worse, I had to go uphill. By the time I was done biking, almost all the participants were in front of me and I was in tears. I didn’t want to finish, I was tired, embarrassed, frustrated in myself, and wanted to go home. But my dad didn’t let me. So I walked/ran and finished my first triathlon.

I was not expecting to do another one and didn’t want to, but my parents made me. I did it, and my second triathlon was considerably better. The swimming was great, I was slowed down by another swimmer and was too nice to pass him or her. The biking was hard but not heartbreaking like in my last triathlon. It was hard because that is what you get when you have to pedal uphill. The running was competent because over the summer I had practiced. I knew that I hated running and decided I should practice. So I ran the number of laps I was required to do and my mom ran with me the final stretch. I finished with a smile on my face. I was tired and proud, I had shaved off about 10 minutes from my first time.

In this 2019 triathlon, I plan to do better than my last two years. I will keep going even when my mind tells me to stop because I want to feel proud of myself. I think that is why people do the triathlon. To feel the pride that comes with finishing the race, to feel good about yourself, and best of all, shove it in your mind’s face that you beat it. HA. This is why I encourage you to try the triathlon. Even if you have had bad experiences with the race in the past, or afraid you will fail. I promise it is worth it when you finally finish, the overwhelming sense of pride in yourself. Plus, you will get bragging rights on yourself. And, who doesn’t want that? This year I am going to swim, bike, and run for self-improvement, shaving of time, and to feel the happiness of finishing.

Abby Watkins

Age 12