One question is all I ask of my life-long young and old neighbors in Socorro. Do you really believe anything Mayor Ravi Bhasker says after all you've seen and lived through in the last three decades?

Really? He's given your public land to buddies before with promises of businesses and great things to come. His secrecy and unwillingness to be open with us (and even with our city council) with this bankrupting idea of taking over the SEC should be the biggest Red Flag of his tenure.

How long has it been since Socorro taxpayers have been asked for our opinions by referendum on anything? Ravi Bhasker and his blind following council have carried out for our so-called own good?

How about the multi-million dollar rodeo grounds and soccer fields out at the edge of our city limits? How many of you knew what that would cost before it was built? Perhaps our failing infrastructure should have been on the top of the priority list.

Ravi Bhasker has made some big changes in our city for sure. All one has to do is walk down the middle lane of California street in the middle of any week day to see that it is almost impossible to get hit by a car, because there are none!

If you believe the Mayor (especially on this one) my friends, then Socorro and its people deserve what's coming soon to a house near you!

The Socorro Electric ain't perfect, but it's ours. Just say no!

Gary Jaramillo, Socorro