Dear Editor,

Friday evening was one of the most fearful experiences in my life. Not knowing if my home was safe but beyond that not knowing if my four legged children were okay.

Living in Escondida I enjoy everything that country living has to offer including miles of shaded walking/running areas where you can experience nature at its finest.

After receiving many calls asking if I was okay while in Albuquerque, I headed home and was stopped less than a mile short of my home.

Begging to get my animals with a denial, but a thank you to Jerry Wheeler, who came back and assured me that my home and therefore my animals were safe. It was a long night with lots of prayers, but when I arrived home I indeed found home and animals safe.

Once I was able to breathe a sigh of relief I looked around and saw the most amazingly dedicated people who were sacrificing all to ensure my home and my neighbors were safe and preserve as much of the Bosque as possible.

They worked tirelessly in hot weather added to heat of ashes. My gratitude for each and every service person that fought and contained the Escondida Fire is profound. Thank you for giving up your weekend to serve us! Thank you Socorro Electric Coop for restoring electricity so rapidly and Nick for giving us updates throughout night and into next day. You all are truly soot/smoke covered HEROES!

Beth Beers

Escondida, NM