Reading Mr. Larson’s story about the Madalena Hall Hotel sure brought back some long ago memories.

Right after my late husband and I were both discharged from service after World War II, the only place we could find to live was the “Inn.” We rented an apartment there for $18 a month. Our land lady was Mae Hall. Gene and I lived there until we found a house on the “main drag” that we bought from the late Christiana Blackburn for $1,200. We lived in that house until our third son was born and we had outgrown it.

We then bought the Mac Adam house where the Soloman Peralta family lives. We lived in that house for only one year until we bought half interest in the Gambles store from Alfred Gilbert. Gene and his brother also opened the Thrifty Food Store next to Evett’s Drug Store.

The citizens of Magdalena and Socorro owe you – Gail Armstrong – a thank you for the wonderful restoration.

While I’m at it, I also want to say that in the 74 years Magdalena and Socorro has been my home, El Defensor Chieftain has never been so good. We are lucky to have you here!

Euna Torres, Socorro