It’s Christmas again and we celebrate the birth of Jesus. An impressive man no matter your religion. He spent his adult life teaching people how God wants us to live. Our world would be a wonderful place if we all lived as God wants us to. Especially if the powerful among us lived that way.

But there’s a greater significance. Jesus’ life was the only time that God made a point to show us that there’s an afterlife. Remember, Jesus’ life was well known by many people, as was his crucifixion and resurrection.

Ever think why God did that, after all those millennia of evolution? God wanted us to know there’s an afterlife, and by virtue of that, to know there’s a God. In Jesus’ life, God showed us simultaneously, there’s an afterlife, and that God exists. And that our life here on Earth is just one part of our lives, that our spirit lives on even as our bodies give out.

By showing us this, we humans could then infer the ideals we should all live up to. God’s ideals. How to live honorably and admirably. How to treat our fellow humans, as in The Golden Rule.

And, that we should treat all His Earthly creations with respect and honor. Because knowing there’s a God explains how this beautiful Earth came to be, with all the wonders and beauty of all the creatures. And us humans, knowing then that we are part of God’s creations, maybe then we’d all treat all of His creations with respect and compassion. Including Mexican Gray Wolves.

And since we live on after this life, we don’t have to live this life like it’s a race to accumulate as much as possible, like a race to the finish and then it’s over. It ain’t.

And, how we live here on Earth, well, we’ll have to live with that reputation, either in respect or shame, in the afterlife, forever, until the end of time.

And He showed us humans this - only once. Through the life of Jesus. Merry Christmas

David Forjan

Tularosa, NM 88352