Dear Editor: I wanted to write in support of Mr. Turner’s editorial in the 1/26 edition of this paper.

It was even-handed and sought common ground. Like Mr. Turner, I have faith in the wisdom and decency of the American people.

We indeed want the same things, like quality education and medical care, though we differ on how best to pay for it.

We also want economic opportunity for ourselves and our children.

Trump said, if we trusted him, that he could deliver these things, and that is why, I believe, he won the electoral college.

However, Trump has already begun to fulfill the worst fears of those who opposed him, and I am counting on that very wisdom and decency to save us from a potential nightmare. I fear Trump because he lies, because he lies easily, he lies often, and he lies when the lie is easily caught.

The most easily debunked recent lie is about the size of his inauguration crowd, that it was not only larger than Obama’s 2009 address but the ``biggest ever.”

The more dangerous recent lie is that there were millions of fraudulent popular votes leading to his popular vote loss.

Since facts are the bedrock of democracy, I must cite my sources in order to call our President a liar.

Here are two of many:

Also, Tony Schwartz, who wrote The Art of the Deal, recanted this piece of fiction in a July 25 article in the New Yorker, stating that Trump was a narcissist bully with no attention span beyond himself.

I urge the Trump voters who just wanted jobs and safety to pay close attention to his actions.

I am very angry that I have to write a letter to dispute easily provable facts, because many more subtle facts await our urgent attention.

Trump may be lying because the truth hurts him.

In a more sinister light, open contempt for truth is a technique for asserting brute power employed by despots.

That I must write this is, to imitate Trump ... SAD.

Richard Sonnenfeld,

Socorro, NM