After trying to live up to what I’ve long considered the highest principles of society – love, understanding, respect, decency, and yes, tolerance – I have to admit President-elect Trump has taught me my limits.

I understand the pain and anger of the (formerly) working class. Hell, I’m one of them. I agree Hillary Clinton represents a status quo we can no longer tolerate.

But allowing one’s emotions to overrule one’s brain is rarely a wise action in life, including the selection of someone to fill one of the world’s most powerful positions.

“The people have spoken” says our current president. But Barack Obama is biting is tongue, playing what he understands to be his inescapable role if the union is to be spared absolute chaos.

As a citizen without title I have the luxury of stating what I really think.

And so I shall: Trump voters have made a hideous mistake.

As pundits and journalists scramble to put into socially acceptable terms what happened on Nov. 8, I am reminded of a formerly popular buzz phrase: “low information voter.” The next thing I think of is a bumper sticker I have not yet slapped on my truck: “Read a ****ing book.”

Dave Wheelock

Socorro, NM