Letter to the Editor


I had some friends from Utah stop in on their way to a reunion in Texas. They stayed with me for two days.

It had been a goal of theirs to come visit my hometown since I met them many years ago. They asked if I would take them around and show them my hometown.

I didn't mention anything about Socorro's problems because their visit wasn't about that. It was about vacation and friendship and I didn't want to ruin their trip with something that they shouldn't have to worry about. I just hoped for a nice visit.

It didn't take long for them to start asking questions as we rode thru the different neighborhoods and areas of town.

Their biggest question was why the city streets and many homes were covered in weeds and why people are allowed to stockpile vehicles and old trailers and garbage in almost every neighborhood and residential lot?

Their second question was why the majority of streets are in such horrible repair in a city with one of the most world renowned colleges smack dab in the middle of town?

Their third question was how come most businesses are closed?

I simply said, because that's what my lifelong friends and neighbors are willing to settle for these days.

Gary Jaramillo