What will happen to Medicare if the Affordable Care Act (ACA)( Obamacare) is repealed?

When the ACA (Obamacare) was signed in 2010 it added many Medicare benefits.

It added preventative services, such as flu shots and screenings for cancer and diabetes. It added improved prescription drug coverage.

Between 2010 and 2015, nearly 11 million Medicare beneficiaries saved $20.8 billion on prescription drugs because of the gradual closing of the doughnut hole.

It added an improved financial outlook for Medicare by slowing the growth of spending and by clamping down on fraud, waste and excessive


Will all these benefits to the 57 million Medicare beneficiaries now go away when Obamacare (ACA) is repealed this month?

Trump’s campaign assurances about protecting Medicare and Social Security gave him 53 percent of the 65 year and older vote.

However, Paul Ryan, speaker of the House, is very vocal in wanting to convert Medicare to a voucher program.

This means, that instead of a guaranteed level of coverage, a dollar amount would be set for Medicare beneficiaries to pay premiums brought from private-sector health insurance companies.

Will these Medicare payment vouchers keep pace with the cost of health care and present guaranteed healthcare coverage? What can you do to protect your Medicare benefit? You can join AARP, and help then fight any change in Medicare benefits and remind President Trump to keep his election promises and not make cuts to the Medicare program. Also, read the full AARP Medicare report,”Why Medicare Matters”, at AARP.ORG/WHYMEDICAREMATTERS.

Lynette Napier

Socorro, NM 87801