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Different year and decade - same old disgusting story!

For those of you congratulating Jay Santillanes on his retirement from the City of Socorro, and Ravi Bhasker's nauseating words of eternal gratitude to Jay about how we're all going to miss him after many years of service - HOLD YOUR HORSES!

It turns out Ravi and yet another "retired" buddy (Jay) have a sweet deal planned after the faux retirement announcement that'll bring a very special going away present to Mr. Santillanes in the amount of $15,000 a year in a contract to lobby for the city and continue doing work as the faux city Flood Plain Manager.

Crooked Ravi and his greedy buddies have been pulling this illegal act on the taxpayers of our city for three decades now. Ravi has been vehemently 100 percent against hiring a lobbyist for at least 25 years when other lobbyists applied time and time again throughout his troubled tenure as mayor, but suddenly he NEEDS a lobbyist - and conveniently one of his best buddies just happens to be one - and happens to be "retiring."

Neat! Guess none of the hard working current employees stand a chance to move up the ladder as long as Ravi is intent on taking care of his old buddies.

It's been long since discovered that the council is gutless, so Ravi keeps throwing our good money after bad for his gluttonous buddies to hang on to that Bhasker teat for as long as possible. Sickening!

Gary Jaramillo