Ravi Bhasker seems so very desperate to take over the SEC at ANY COST. But what's puzzling is that there is not even a peep from the councilors. Is this ridiculously costly attempt ever going to be put on a referendum for the opinions of the people who pay the taxes and keep the cities noses above water? Is Ravi Bhasker the only one with a say in this fiasco? Am I the only one that has had the undercarriage of my vehicles damaged by undrivable city streets? The city's excuse for trashed streets has been NO MONEY. Then where in the heck are they going to pull the millions from to buy and take over the SEC??? The whole idea is just plain dumb. I'm not ready to be led off a cliff by this guy. He's accomplished nothing except destroying the financial structure and demise of our businesses. Perhaps we should go "ALL IN" for buying a demolition company instead. Seems we have a plethora of empty buildings across the city to tear down, thanks to Ravi Bhasker. Buy the SEC?? Surely the taxpayers are smarter than Ravi thinks they are?!!