I love seeing multiple generations helping one another in food shopping. Two weeks ago, I watched as a young adult helped his aging mother carry the groceries into the car at John Brooks’.

Last week, I watched as a young girl with glasses and a ponytail carried the basket full of garden-ripe tomatoes while helping her father pick out produce at the farmer’s market on Tuesday evening. Socorro has a history of being a family-first town; many families work together to support one another and it enriches our community.

However, not everyone in Socorro has a family or the resources in their family to be able to go to John Brooks when they need, or to the farmer’s market.

Many people in Socorro cannot pay rent and have enough for food for the month. With businesses leaving town and fewer jobs available, many individuals of our Socorro Family live on an extremely tight budget. Just a little help from you can make this life easier for these members of our community.

Puerto Seguro is the day shelter in town (next to the railroad tracks on Old US Hwy 85). It provided over 10,000 hot meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday in 2017. Puerto Seguro also provides clothing, showers, canned foods and hygiene products to ensure the health of our community. Puerto Seguro’s mission is to help the homeless and impoverished create better lives for themselves through the services we provide.

Right now we need your help to continue providing these necessary services. We need volunteers to spend 6 or even as little as 4 hours a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9 am and 2 pm serving our Socorro Family. This includes food preparation with our restaurant-grade stove, or serving the hot meals and chatting with clients. This could also include selecting which clothes from those donated best fit shelter needs, or monitoring and distributing hygiene products and canned goods to clients.

Your help could also be as simple as counting the number of used towels from the showers.

I remember learning a lot about our community when I worked in summers with my mother at our local food pantry. Consider this activity at Puerto Seguro as a potential family effort. This service may instill in the younger generation a desire to help those in need.

Thank you.

Hope Faulkner

Director, PSI-Safe Harbor