It’s easy to lose sight of our most remarkable asset amid the many challenges we face day in and day out.

We’re often led to believe things are worse than they seem. It’s easy to be cynical and discouraged in a world of constant turmoil.

And then, out of nowhere, our community says, “We see you. We support you.”

Then thoughtful, selfless acts are carried out by wonderful Good Samaritans in our community during the holiday season.

These Good Samaritans apparently aren’t looking for recognition, but they certainly need to be acknowledged. Sometimes it’s the simple, heartfelt and random acts of kindness that make all the difference.

This past weekend our community came together to help the less fortunate among us. Whether you donated a coat, a toy, a blanket, non-perishable food or even a monetary donation – we thank you for your kindness.

What all the efforts show is an outpouring of kindness in Socorro County at a time of year that can be especially hard for the lonely or the poor. And that kindness shows Socorro and Socorro County is a caring community – one where people care about others that they may well not even know.

As we’ve said before, it’s the people of this community, their compassion and goodwill toward one another in good times and in bad, that make Socorro County a place worth calling home.

So … thank you Socorro County residents. Your acts of kindness have brought a ray of hope into someone’s darkness.