It’s August 13, 2018, first day of school! Kids are happy to see their friends, parents are happy that the kids are in school.

This year maybe for the first time ever I managed to do the school shopping on time. I am a single Mom with three kids and a full time job. One of my kids loves hoodies and goes to Socorro High School. So imagine my surprise when she got back from school on Monday and told me that the hoodies have been banned from their school! I am sure that if I were in a Tommy and Jerry cartoon at that very moment I would be Tommy and instead of my eyes you would see hundreds of dollars disappearing faster than you can say Quidditch.

My daughter has about five hoodies and that’s it for the long sleeves wardrobe. Those hoodies get worn a lot as in schools the AC is blasting so much that I am thinking of investing in ski jackets. After I buy long sleeves without a hoody, of course…

If there is a good reason for banning hoodies, it should have been talked about with the parents and students first, before we bought back to school clothes.

From here and there, I hear that the reason has to do with safety.

I sure hope that’s not the case. I hope we don’t live in a society where we have to ban hoodies because of fear.

Zeljka Fuchs

Socorro, NM 87801