5K Color Run

Young runners and dancers celebrated the early Fourth of July run.

For the second year in a row a 4th of July 5K color run took place at the Socorro Rodeo Complex to raise money for the Rising Stars Dance Studio. More than 130 runners and walkers took to the course around 7:30 to start off their Independence Day.

Jenelle Partridge is the head of Rising Stars and was at the forefront of coordinating the event. She was providing ice cold water and free event t-shirts as runners crossed the finish line.

“Being our second year this race has been great,” she said. “We’ve also gotten a lot of feedback about the improvements from last year and people that have done this in the past really enjoying themselves. Seeing everybody get doused has been my favorite part. The girls even got me with a sneak attack.”

Before starting the run girls from the dance studio were provided with pump action water guns and three kiddie pools full of colored water to cool people off while also making shirts look like unique color wheels. Janelle’s brother and Warriors coach Joel Partridge was one of several volunteers having fun with the kids for over an hour after the race had ended.

“I’m a coordinator in helping kids here in the community,” he said. “We want to get kids outdoors and active and promote healthy lifestyles. That goes hand and hand with dance. Plus today using the red, white and blue colors to spray people makes if fun for everyone.”

Chanel Mate was one of three Rising Stars teachers on hand helping out in various ways. She has been with the studio since 2012 and danced herself beginning when she was three years old in both Socorro and Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This is important for kids to feel comfortable to ask for help from the community,” she said. “It has been amazing to see the community support we’ve seen today. The opportunity to dance in other places instead of just here in Socorro gives them a whole different perspective in the world by seeing what else is out there.”

With several local sponsors, The Striders and Riders were pivotal in helping to put the event on. They provided licensing for the run as well as supplies such as cones and timing equipment. Member and participant Ephraim Ford was one of many helping to collect cones after catching his breath.

“I got sprayed twice before I started,” he said. “That was great because it was nice and cold and lasted more than half way through the race. As a non-profit our mission as a group is to support the community whenever we can. It’s good to see that they were able to get more people this year and hopefully we can help outdoor events like this continue to grow here in Socorro. I’m just glad I was able to finish well enough to bring home some fireworks because my kids were really putting the pressure on me this morning.”

Top runners received fireworks packages from the Warriors Wrestling Black Cat fireworks stand located at the Economy Inn. Winners included; Ephraim Ford at 23:02, Sean Sawaya at 23:06 on the men’s side. Denise Gilson at 28:31 came in first in the women’s group.

Registration for the next dance year at Rising Stars is on Aug. 9-10 from 4-6 p.m. at the studio located just north of the plaza. The first official competitions will begin in January of 2020. Contact Janelle Partridge at 575-418-1818 for more information.

As for the Striders and Riders they have its 25th anniversary of the city’s Chile Harvest Triathlon coming up. On Aug. 2 there will be an abbreviated evening youth triathlon starting at the New Mexico Tech pool followed by main competition on Saturday, Aug. 3. The event begins with nine laps in the pool, a 5K run and ends with a 20K bike ride. Visit their website for more information on how to register.