Eclipse Gymnastics

The Eclipse Gymnastics team competed in its second meet of the fall season in Las Cruces.

For its second meet of the 2019 fall season the Eclipse Gymnastics team traveled to compete in Las Cruces at the Gym Magic facility. A total of seven athletes in six classes represented Socorro during the 2019 Ashley Westberg Classic.

Totaling at 14, several different youth gymnastics groups from around New Mexico made the trip to compete in eight different levels based upon age and skill level. Eclipse had its gymnasts going in three categories, XB, XS and XP. The categories stand for Bronze, Silver and Platinum level respectively.

“The girls preformed very well out there,” Head Coach Aleta Gallegos said. “This was the first time we went up against multiple programs from around the state so it was a good gauge for us going forward. I was very impressed with the performance they put out during the event.”

Young athletes for Socorro were split up into two time slots. Starting at 9 a.m. was the Bronze and Silver groups hitting the floor with Silver and Platinum competing at 12:30 p.m. with awards handed out late in the afternoon. Top overall finishers in their respective categories for the local team was a tie between Payton Durkin and Alaina Sanchez at 4th. Eclipse had two first place individual score finishes with Alondra Apachito winning beams and Ixchel Valentino winning vault.

“Our goal is to improve every meet,” Gallegos said. “We want the girls to beat themselves instead of the competition no matter how big or small the event. With the support of these great parents here you can see the girls get better every day.”

The next event will be an early morning affair taking place in Albuquerque during the 2019 NAWGJ meet hosted at Precision Gym, beginning at 8 a.m. It is what is referred to as a ‘Judge’s Meet’ in which gymnasts will get direct feedback from on site judges after their performances. For all team scores from around the state visit

Final scores Eclipse Gymnastics:

Payton Durkin - 4th in XB, 8.550 vault, 8.100 bars, 8.900 beam, 8.300 floor, 33.850 overall.

McKenzie Lea - 8th in XB, 7.400 vault, 8.650 bars, 8.450 beam, 8.200 floor, 32.700 overall.

Alaina Sanchez - 4th in XB, 8.700 vault, 9.100 bars, 8.750 beam, 8.650 floor, 35.200 overall.

Alondra Apachito - 6th in XB, 8.850 vault, 8.500 bars, 9.375 beam, 8.400 floor, 35.125 overall.

Ixchel Valentino - 5th in XP, 8.900 vault, 8.450 bars, 8.100 beam, 9.000 floor, 34.450 overall.

Kathleen Johnson - 8th in XS. 8.750 vault, 8.900 bars, 8.675 beam, 8.450 floor, 34.775 overall.

Abby Watkins - 9th in XS. 8.300 vault, 8.150 bars, 8.625 beam, 8.700 floor, 33.775 overall.