Steers Volleyball

Desirae Zamora serves up a killer serve for the Magdalena Steers.

“I expect this to be a three and out win very quickly,” is what Magdalena Volleyball Head Coach Bryan Baca said. “When you know you are a better team, and mentally we believe that every game, we can win every time as long as we believe in ourselves. We’re going up against a good team in Menaul. But I know how good we are and what this team is capable of.”

The Steers backed it up. They took down the Menaul Panthers in their house and came out with a 3-0 victory.

Scoring began early in the first set for Magdalena with a nice serve by junior Desirae Zamora. Senior’s Kourtney Lewis and Nizhoni Shondiin were crashing the net from the start.

The Steers took the first set going away with a 25-14 score.

The second set proved to be more of a challenge. After an early lead for the Steers, the Cougars came back and were ahead 13-11. Menaul senior Maria Arroyo was knocking down shots at the net left and right.

On the ropes the Steers rallied back, lead by two fantastic strikes from Desirae Zamora. The team was able to win the set 25-21.

Another tough set came next for the Steers.

The Cougars refused to give in down 2-0. Eighth grader Hailey Apachito made several diving saves to the ground that led to scores for the Steers.

The girl’s won the set and the match 25-21.

“This team plays great as a unit,” Baca said. “The girls go strong at the net and our back line fights hard to keep the ball in play. That is why we’ve been successful for the most part this season.”

The Steers followed up their road victory against Menaul with another lopsided 3-0 victory against Native American Community Academy, bringing their record to 10-2.

Magdalena will be hosting the undefeated Quemado eagles this coming Saturday at 1 p.m.