JB Mauldin

Warriors Head Volleyball Coach JB Mauldin.

On the heels of its first winning season in more than 10 years the Socorro Lady Warriors wished former Head Coach Lars Baker a fond farewell after he decided to move on. Stepping in is former assistant coach JB Mauldin.

“I coached for many years as an assistant,” he said. “I was approached by the school to see If I was interested and after thinking it over for a few days it felt like the right time to get back out there.”

Mauldin was born and raised in Socorro and a graduate of SHS. He received a bachelor’s degree from UNM in business administration and finance with a minor in economics.

After studying in Albuquerque Mauldin returned to Socorro during the period in which his wife and former Lady Warriors head coach Joni Mauldin became pregnant and family support was paramount for the couple. With his background, JB landed a steady job at the District Attorney’s office and is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Socorro County. He has been with the DA for over 25 years.

“I’ll probably have to start going in to the office a bit earlier with this new role as head coach … especially when the season starts. But that doesn’t bother me especially after seeing the talent and passion these girls have.”

Not a stranger to coaching, Mauldin has coached in different roles for multiple sports such as football, basketball and soccer teams throughout the years. He spent several years as a head coach in both AYSO soccer and little league basketball. During his playing days at SHS he was a two guard in varsity basketball for four years from 1988 to 91. Years later JB has shifted his athletic focus towards volleyball.

“For a long time I loved basketball. But as I got older volleyball became more and more fascinating. This is a precision sport. A lot of people don’t understand the little things as well as the type of skill it takes to play and compete at a high level. I enjoy volleyball both playing and coaching.”

Going forward from the previous 13-11 season Coach Mauldin looks to build on the Warriors success heading into 2019.

“We have a great group of girls where volleyball is their first sport. That makes a huge difference because they aren’t just coming in during the season. My plan is to build on their interest and help the younger players work hard during practices while still have fun.”

July practices for the team will take place Monday to Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at SHS. While not a requirement, official first practice will take place on August 12. Mauldin welcomes all potential players to join in on summer scrimmages whenever their schedules allot.

“I like to try and replicate game situations as much as possible which includes plyometrics and agility. But my philosophy is to do preparation ahead of games. I’m not a big yeller. When you yell constantly your coaching falls on deaf ears. I like to let the girls make their own decisions and if you’re prepared the mistakes will be limited for the most part. Adjustments are made in game but as far as coaching most of that happens during practice.”

Still in the early stages, Mauldin is tentatively looking at running a 6-2 formation offensively with a perimeter style defense and an emphasis on blocking at the net. Joni Mauldin and Santillago Telles will be on the sidelines as assistant coaches.