Tech golf

Harley Richardson sizing up the tee for a potential put to save par on the front nine.

The New Mexico Tech golf course hosted the regional Americas Cup Qualifier on May 25-26 for the first time in ten years. The two day event determined the four boys and four girls to represent New Mexico at the Americas Cup finals. Alberta, Canada will host the boys finals and a mixture of courses in California will host the girls.

A total of three Socorro players were able to participate. Andrew Carrillo finished tied for 24th in the 15-18 group at +28 with a nice birdie on hole 10 but four double bogey’s. Luther Richardson came in 10th in the 13-14 age group at +86 with nine total holes going for bogey. Harley Richardson finished tied for 16th on the girls side at +41 while making par on nine of the 36 total holes over the weekend.

“We were missing some golfers because of other sports,” Warriors Head Coach Russ Moore said. “From what I’ve seen so far the players are doing OK, nothing spectacular. It goes back to the adage of working on the short game. The kids at a young age often don’t get that it is not just about a long drive. The chipping and putting are the real mental part of the game that they need to work on with us coaches and parents. When you happen to hit a bad drive you can make it up with precision which is the difference between the players who are in contention and those that aren’t.”

More than 70 golfers from California, Arizona, Colorado and Texas traveled to be a part of the Sun Country Junior Golf sponsored tournament. Dusty Bean is the Boys Junior Americas Cup Team Captain for New Mexico and also coaches the Artesia golf team with one player, 4-A state champion Taysea Powell, competing for a spot. He has held the boys captain position for two seasons and is allotted one ‘coaches pick’ per year depending on final player results.

“I look at what these individuals have done all season,” he said. “Not just this weekend but also their performance in other Sun Country events throughout the year. We have several state champions here today but we try to weigh a season performance instead of just one great weekend. This is the greatest sport ever no matter how they do. It teaches the kids honesty, integrity and work ethic.”

Savino Grijalva is one of the head administrators for the New Mexico Tech Golf Course. Having been with the facility since 2004, this is the second time he has worked this particular event.

“We’re centrally located in the state,” he said. “As far as courses go we are one of the best public facilities you can find. It’s not as long as some courses can be, we’re just around 6,800 feet, but its a great test to find the top golfers. Especially with this wind we have today. Bringing people in to support both Tech and the town of Socorro is very important with an event such as this and hopefully the golfers and families enjoy the course this weekend.”

Pending player schedules and final coaches decisions the top three New Mexico finishers for the boys are; Aidan Thomas, New Laguna, +3. Henry Poston, Los Alamos, +4. Trey Diehl, Farmington, +5. Top three girls finishers; Presley Jackson, Deming, +10. Sophia Zamarripa, Albuquerque, +14. Erica Williams, Deming, +17.