Lady Warriors soccer

Junior Consuelo Apache had a field day in the second half against Robertson once the team got things going.

This team is a slow starter but know how to finish. The Lady Warriors are on a roll at 8-1 heading into the meat of mid-season play, but they are not making things easy on themselves. Socorro began its week on September 5 at home against the Robertson Cardinals for a 6-0 win that did not feel like a 6-0 win as they scored only once in the first half. St. Michael’s was next in which they squeezed through with a 4-3 victory that took 3 goals in the second half.

“We’ve struggled to find shots early,” Head Coach Michael Olguin said. “But we know how to come out after making adjustments during a half. There is always something to tweak whether it’s substitutions or positioning but so far we’ve played hard and the girls are starting to gel very well.”

During the Robertson game the Lady Warriors seemed to live on the opponents side of the field. However, they only went away with an early lone goal by Senior Kaylene Baca before halftime.

“As a team we started playing too forward against their offense,” Baca said. “We couldn’t get back early but eventually we were able to take advantage of the spacing they were giving us. Our defense gave us more options and opportunities in the second half.”

Once things got going offensively it was a try to stay awake afternoon for the Warriors defense in the second half. One of the only real challenges by the Cardinals came with a breakaway by freshman Amor Montoya that bounced off the crossbar. The Socorro offensive was hard to stop with goals and assists by junior striker Consuelo Apache.

“We had to wake up out there,” Apache said. “We just got out of school and it was hot. Fortunately in the second half we woke up. Our coach gave us a good talk during halftime about coming out strong and fighting for balls. Working on through balls in practice has really started to help us put things together in games.”

A key to the Warriors success came when Olguin noticed the opposing Robertson defensive strategy which had the keeper moving way out in front of the net as he yelled out from the side lines “She’s way too far out there. Rip it lady’s.” Indeed they did let it rip with scores from ‘Suelo’ and sophomore Elise Madril.

Frustrations set in for Robertson that included ugly tackles and foul language. Head Coach Jeff Houdek was seen yelling from the sidelines “Quit being so mean. It hurts my ears. Stay positive girls. Stay focused.”

After surviving the St. Michael’s game the Lady Warriors have a six game road trip ending with the Sandia Prep Sundevil Classic on September 20-21 before returning home against the Goddard Rockets on September 28. The team is currently chasing the undefeated first place Hatch Valley Bears for first place in District 3 rankings.