AYSO soccer

Multiple youth teams are taking to the soccer fields on Saturday morning's to battle it out.

Youth soccer is officially underway as young Socorro ballers are hitting the sports complex field on Saturday mornings. Multiple teams of all ages below high school level are welcome to come out during the co-ed, non-competitive youth showdowns. Multiple soccer fields are split in half for the AYSO athletes to battle it out.

Matt Baxter is one of several coaches rooting for the kids on the pitch. He has a son who plays on a team and his wife is on the AYSO board. His rotating team never voted on an official name so they simply go by blue.

“Some of our best players weren’t out here today,” he said. “That happens. Kid’s and parents are busy. However, youth sports are so very critical for their development. Getting them away from their phones and also trying to combat childhood obesity and diabetes. Hopefully our team wins, but all that matters is to practice hard and put in the best effort they can. Our group is hustling more game by game which is always good to see as they grow up before your eyes.”

The AYSO program and its volunteer coaching staff makes it a focal point to ensure that all players are given the opportunity to hit the field. Players ages six to 12, seventh grade, are welcome to participate and are guaranteed a minimum of eight games during the fall season that ends in late October.

Teams typically practice Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, barring any SHS games that are scheduled. The American Youth Soccer Organization is always looking for volunteers to get involved in both coaching, reffing and parent support. A $25 background check is required before officially becoming a part of AYSO. Uniforms are provided for players with Sedillo Park also available for weekly practices.

Volunteers are still needed for the upcoming Turkey Tune Up on November 15. Referees will receive a bag of goodies that include snacks, refreshments, a ceremonial coin and a hoodie. Contact Delilah at ayso364refad@gmail.com for more information.